5 Things Your Website Should Have #1

When my friend Debra Hay Hampton re-worked her website for Cornerstone Engineering, she hit the nail on the head with her offer above the fold.

Like a first date, your website is likely your potential customer's first impression of you and your company. I am sure we both agree, your website matters.

There are five things a great website that grows a company must have. The first thing:

An Offer Above The Fold.

When people go to your website, the first thing they see are the pictures and text above the fold. "Above the fold" is a term that refers to the things you read and see before you scroll down. These messages and picture are what amounts to your "first date!" The stuff they read after the first pane are the messages you want to share on the proceeding "dates." But, remember, the things you share on the first date should be enticing, short and most of all, about them!

The idea is that potential customers need to quickly know what's in it for them on the first pane of your website, in clear and concise words. That is so important, because, customers don't buy the best products and services they buy the ones that are communicated the most quickly.

About them... Hmmmm. That means the pictures and words above the fold should offer the customer an aspirational identity. In other words, an offer to help them become something. We must help them become competent in something, or different because they have engaged with us. It must promise to solve a problem! It must state exactly what we promise to do.

"We've been in business for three generations...committed to excellence,..." does not solve anyone's problem.

A picture of your building does not solve anyone's problem.

A picture of the founder or CEO does not solve anyone's problem.

An offer above the fold, that offers to solve a problem or make someone different after engaging with our brand, is one of the five things your website MUST have.

Does your website have a clear offer above the fold?