Volunteers are GOLD!

In the book, “Simply Strategic Volunteers” by Tony Morgan and Tim Stevens, Tim tells a story about when Granger Community Church was going to get pounds of food delivered that they were going to distribute to the community.

The delivery organization contacted the church and requested five or ten people and a forklift to unload the pallets of food.

But, what they did next was CRAZY and… very strategic.

They parked the delivery trucks further away so they could have a long line of people unloading the food and working together.

Tim and the folks at Granger decided not to get five, or ten people and a forklift. Instead they intentionally opted to get tons of volunteers to come in and unload all of this.

Not because it was more efficient, but because it could involve more people.

They intentionally made it harder…

To make the process take longer…

So that they could involve more people.

They knew something that we need to understand:

Involving people in your organization makes your organization more meaningful and impacting.

Tim said the next year when they did it again, they had twice as many volunteers and they still didn’t have a forklift because it wasn’t about getting it done quickly. It was about getting it done with the most people they could involve in the process.

In nonprofits, Volunteers supercharge fundraising.

Statistics tell us that 95% of volunteers also give to that organization.

AND, volunteers give more than twice as much as non-volunteer households!

The organizations that treat their volunteers as lifelong major donors will thrive.

Terry Axelrod says that “in the new reality, volunteer programs will be operated hand-in-hand with fundraising programs.”

In Forprofits, volunteers supercharge culture.

Nothing is more powerful in your organization than culture. It has been said that culture eats strategy for lunch. Invite volunteers to sit on feedback boards, serve in the community with your company, or even to work overtime hours. The opportunity to volunteer supercharges your company’s culture.

Selah. Pause and think about that…