Why You Should Be An Expert At Asking Questions

Years ago I got turned on to the power of great questions. If you understand the power of asking profound questions, you will be able to unlock information, insight, and wisdom from within the people you interact with. I have found that being able to ask profound questions endears people to you. Ask really profound questions and people will think you understand and love them.

The key to unlocking your dreams and the dreams of others is the unique ability to ask profound questions. Great questions are like intricate passwords that open up divine wisdom storehouses in people.

Understanding and using the power of profound questions enables you to solve problems, analyze risks and take leadership that will seem other-worldly to others. Great questions allow us to think through a wide variety of options. When we are faced with a problem, having the right questions to ask can turn it into an opportunity. Solomon calls the one with this ability a person of understanding who is able to draw out deep secrets.

You never meet a stranger when you understand the power of asking profound questions (I don’t know what to say to strangers…just ask questions).

Executive Coach and mentor, Bob Biehl says that the ability to ask profound questions frees you from shallow answers, poor decision making, living in a mental fog and immature processing.

Andy Stanley says that “the questions you ask your children communicate to them what’s important to you. The questions you ask repeatedly show what most important in your life.” He goes on to say that, “Anticipating my parents questions shaped my behavior.”

Gordon McDonald, in promoting the skill of listening, says that the first step in becoming a good listener is to ask questions.

When my son Brandon came home from school every day I would always ask him if he had asked any great questions.

I collect questions. I want to become a sage at asking profound questions. I ask God to bless me to ask great questions. Success with clients who need to define and grow their business depends on asking profound questions. I always start with, “What is the problem, in this world, that you solve? And, “How do you uniquely solve it?”

The key to releasing the powerful: Profound questions.