Clarify your message - $1,500

After learning the StoryBrand Marketing Framework, I’ll fine-tune your BrandScript and make sure the message your brand is communicating is clear and compelling.

Lead Generating Assets - $2,500

Since customers don’t typically buy on initial impulse, it’s important to offer a transitional call to action so that potential customer have a low-risk way to continue their engagement with your brand. I’ll create a lead- generating asset is a valuable piece of content that helps establish you as the authority in your field of expertise and captures an email address of a potential customer.

Customer Testimonials - $1,000

Powerful stories of your customer’s transformation are critical if you want to create raving fans of your business. I’ll walk you through the questions you need to ask your top clients in order to capture these stories of transformation, and I’ll present them in a way that is clear, compelling, and enticing to potential customers.

Wireframe Website - $3,000

Websites that are full of noise can kill potential sales. Using the message you created in your BrandScript, I’ll walk you through each section that should appear on your home-page to make sure your site is working for you, not against you. We’ll start with the home page then create additional pages as needed.

Email Nurturing Campaign - $3,000

Once you capture an email address, you should create an automated email sequence that onramps that prospect to your product or service. We’ll create a series of 5-8 emails that will close with an effective sales letter so that this nurturing campaign turns into at 24/7 sales force.

Website Maintenance - $1,000

Keep your website updated, relevant and working!