Most nonprofits are led by “Angels” who can know little about fundraising… WSD empowers organizations!

Organizational Development that results in explosive growth!

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Expand your reach.

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Increase your funding.

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Get the help you deserve.

How it works…

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Meet up!

Make an appointment, assess where the help is needed. We will go over where you are and where you want to be.

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Team Up!

Hammer out an action plan and timeline. Get an estimate of where the "biggest bang for your buck" is.

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Raise Our Glasses Up!

Celebrate more income, donors, customers!  If you are not happy YOU DON'T PAY! 

The Biggest Thing That Will Keep You From Becoming Your Donors Favorite Charity.


For the Non-Profit

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Most nonprofits hire graphics and web designers who have NO IDEA how to influence with words. Let David's lifetime of experience with words work for you. 

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Fundraising Rhythm

Get established in the four part "rhythm" that you can execute like clockwork that leads to SIGNIFICANT positive response from donors.

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Capital Campaign

The QUICKEST way to raise money to finance large projects. Help from the "silent phase" all the way to receiving millions!

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Legacy Giving

The LARGEST and easiest way to raise money for your nonprofit.

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Appeals & Newsletters

Get help producing materials that are "donor centered" and not "organization centered." The results are profound!

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Financial Reporting

Reporting that actually matches your P&L and maximizes your planning and forcasting.

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Board Development

An energized and involved Board NEVER happens by accident. Get set up on a plan for their maximum engagement.

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Donor Management System

A good DMS is a MUST for maximizing donor engagement. Get help getting started and using. 

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StoryBrand Certified Guide

STOP wasting money on marketers who have no idea how to use words to sell. David has joined up with Donald Miller and StoryBrand to give you proven strategies that are changing the face of business.  

Marketing like the Big Boys at small business prices!

You will be surprised at the clarity that the seven part framework brings to your business. This strategy has helped thousands of companies clarify their message and make millions of dollars.

Let Me Introduce Myself:

I LOVE making heroes out of the organizations I work with. I am a pioneer who has started businesses, nonprofits and churches from scratch and built them into amazing organizations.

I have studied fundraising, leadership and marketing strategies in order to make the organizations I help see success beyond their wildest expectations.  

An avid learner, I am an experienced Organizational Capacity builder & former Pastor with a 40 year history of helping others succeed.

I serve on the Boards of The Breathe Organization and South Georgia Nonprofit Network.

My TOTAL SATISFACTION Guarantee: IF you are not TOTALLY satisfied that our work together was fruitful: YOU DON’T PAY! I could not live with myself knowing that you thought your money was wasted. YOU WILL BE HAPPY OR YOU WON’T PAY!